Loan Officer



Connie Eddy


NMLS# 657622

Being in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years has enabled Connie to have a deep understanding of the needs of homebuyers. Not only does Connie know the various programs currently available, but her background working with musicians (and being married to one) along with self-employed borrowers has given her a unique perspective on the options best suited for each individual and their situations.

Due to her knowledge of current guidelines, Connie excels in assisting first-time homebuyers in making their transition from renting to owning. She is passionate about teaching others the benefits of homeownership and using properties as a way to start generating future income.

In addition to buying and renovating houses, Connie's passion lays in spending time with her two grandsons Avery and Eli. Afterall, one of the main perks of having kids one day having grandbabies!

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